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Profitron is committed to 100% transparency in our communication with our clients. We understand the importance of trust and accountability in building strong relationships, which is why we offer live results of the signals given by our Profitron broadcasted on the Telegram app. This allows our clients to see the performance of our signals in real-time and make informed decisions about their investments. By providing live updates, we aim to foster a sense of openness and honesty in our interactions with our clients, and to build long-term trust and confidence in our services.



  1. Results arrive immediately after a signal expires.
  2. 5 minute expiration is used to display results.
  3. Results during the news time are automatically paused.
  4. For each results there are two parts comprising of image and message which contains all information.
  5. Accuracy of signals is given in percentage which is calculated by studying average of previous 100 signals.
  6. each currency pair has its own specific accuracy i.e. calculation is based on individual assets.
  7. Results may vary from person to person as signals are flexible and built to implement different trading styles.
  8. Signals are openly broadcasted to  public hence everyone can verify the legitimacy of product



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Being a service provider we must know how our users feel about us. Regular surveys are done and ratings are collected from users to improve the system of Profitron bot